Monday, 1 October 2012

The Aussies, Canadians and English make soap

Transfer soap1

You may remember my post about the family wedding and all the relatives staying. The Dutch side of our family making soap with me.
When the rest of the family heard about the soap making they had to have a try for themselves.
I had two sessions: the first was with Sarah, my sister in law who is the editor of an amazing crafty magazine in the UK – Crafts Beautiful. Above is the soap I made and had given her a few months ago when I went to visit her in the UK. She decided that was the one she wanted to make. Next week I will show you the tutorial to make these soaps.
Below is Sarah with her soap. She chose an Ultramarine Pink with Opaque glycerine soap base and a Neroli essential oil.
Transfer soap Sarah

Next we had Emily, Jane, Sarah, Diny and Deb.

Some of them chose to make a basic clear Melt and Pour option and the others chose opaque and they all added colour and fragrance.

I think they all had some fun and it is always satisfying to create something.

Riverlea Soap


  1. How neat! It must have been fun making soap with your family. I love the paisley soap - can't wait to see the tutorial!

  2. PAISLEY SOAP!?! Now that I will definately be back to see how made. Can't wait. Beautiful

  3. The Paisley soap is adorable!


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