Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I recently received an email enquiry from Ellen Worrell who wanted to purchase from my website. 

When I replied that we do not take credit cards but can do a PayPal payment she placed her order. Not on the website like most people but typed it out which must have taken ages as it was a large order.
Her address is below for all to see.

Once I had received the order I did a Google search on her name and address.
Turns out she has been doing the rounds. So BEWARE!! I sent her a mail back saying I had done a search on her and was aware of her game. Funny that I haven’t heard back from her!!!
I read an article a while ago about some scammers but could not find the link to add to this post. I am sure if oyu search for scammers or soap scammers you will find information out there.
A word of warning – if it seems like a really nice,order but something doesn't seem right. Question it. This is your business. Dont get fooled.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Using Cosmetic Micas in Cold Process Soap – Colorant Guide–Modernsoapmaking

This is a very interesting guide from Modern Soapmaking that I thought might be useful….

A full rainbow of micas ready to be put in soap!

Cosmetic micas can be used to create beautifully vivid and bold cold process soaps. I’m always asked how I get my colors so bright, and one part of that is using cosmetic micas in cold process soap (and the other part is applying color theory to create beautiful color schemes that contrast and pop!)

While mica itself is a natural product, cosmetic micas are coated with other colorants such as pigments and FD&C colorants. Check the INCI of your micas, and you’ll know what’s in there! The dual sided colorant particles are what create the shimmer and sheen of cosmetic micas. They are most commonly found in various cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, and blush.

Cosmetic micas are absolutely stunning in clear products, like melt and pour soap, because the light can refract off the mica particles. Unfortunately, micas lose most of their shimmer in cold process soap because soap is opaque in nature. (There is still a slight sheen to cold process soap colored with mica.) However, the range of colors achievable and the ease make using cosmetic micas to color cold process soap entirely worthwhile. Read more…

Friday, 18 March 2016

Rimmed Soap– March soap Challenge

I have wanted to learn how to do this for a while so I jumped at the chance to learn this technique when Amy from Great Cakes soap Works offered it for the March 2016 challenge.  I have not made a video nor done a tutorial but will do at some stage soon.

Rimmed soap-004Rimmed soap-007Rimmed soap-013

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Making a silicone Liner using Rose’s Box template

Rose Ericson, a good friend, from the States, who made my soap cutter and this soap cutter  for me sent me mould maker to test.
She also sent some combs for swirling but more on that soon.P1310367
I took the template apart so I could add putty to the cut in the wood.
Mixing the silicone as per the manufacturers directions. DSCN0022
See the YouTube video here 
Making Rose's Soap mould (1)-001
#Riverlea soap 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Learn How We Made Winter wonderland soap - a soap challenge entry

This month Amy from Great Cakes soapworks set the challenge for the soap club as a winter themed soap with 2 options – all natural or synthetic.
I chose to do the all natural option as I really want a chance to win the prize: Anne Marie Faiola’s new book Natural Soap making!!

My idea was to have a Christmas tree with pretty coloured baubles floating on the branches…..
I used French green clay, Rose clay, paprika, and cocoa powder to make the baubles.

This was a disaster. Not quite sure what went wrong but I think I mixed too much oil with the colours. The soaps were hard and crumbly and I was unable to make little baubles out of them, but I pressed on all the same. Fortunately I had some of the pink soap in a larger batch, made for Roses which did not go crumbly (I am guessing this is because there was so much more so and less oil?)
The idea was to use Coconut oil, Canola, Palm, Olive for the Baubles and insets and then Coconut, Palm, Avocado, Canola for the "snow" and Verbena essential oil.  
Winter Wonderland prep-002
Fortunately the cocoa powder soap worked well and I had my tree trunk.

Once I had the bables made up I put them in my mould that had two sides positioned at angles to create the tree.

Making Winter Wonderland
I poured layers of french green clay soap ontp each other to try and make an ombre tree. I don’t think it work too well.
Once I had my layers done I put the trunk into the green soap and then poured more soap over it!! Sutpid. It is supposed to be a trunk and stick out! So I had to do a bit of quick thinking.
Making Winter Wonderland-001Making Winter Wonderland-002
The rescued tree trunk help in place with wooden skewers.

Day two – soap base poured into the mould and the christmas tree inserted into it. Left over night to harden
Making Winter Wonderland-003
More soap base poured onto the tree.

The finished soap. Cut and beveled. Not quite what I wanted but cute all the same.The Verbena oil reacted with one of the oils and made the base a little yellow but it is okay. Looks pretty good.
Winter Wonderland (19)_thumb
You can see the video on YouTube here.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to make beautiful, easy Valentine MP Hearts

 Valentine 2016 -005
I decided to go non traditional with the colours for this years Valentine soaps.
Blog You will need
2800g Clear soap base 
 Deep brown Mica
Peacock Mica 
Titanium Di Oxide 
Fragrance oil, we used Forever 
Silicone moulds
Chopstick for stiring
IPA for spritzing away bubbles 
Little heart shaped cutter
Microwavable jugs

Blog How to
Melt all the clear soap base
Premix all your colours in a little glycerine to prepare them
Pour off 300g soap base add  1/2tsp of Deep brown Mica, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Pour off 300g soap base and add 1/2tsp Peacock Mica, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Pour off 300g soap base and leave it clear, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Add the premixed Titanium Di Oxide to the rest of the clear soap base and cover with a lid
Pour half the brown soap mix into each of your soap moulds and let it go hard
Take the cookie cutter and cut out your hearts. The hearts should stick to the silicone mould. Pull out the main layer of soap and it will leave the hearts behind (left pic)
Spritz both the hearts in one mould and the cut out sheet in the other. Take the clear soap base and pour 150g into one of the moulds and then lay your sheet of cut out hearts directly on top of the clear soap.
Pour the other 150g over the other mould that has the hearts in it. Spritz both lots of soap to remove  bubbles
Leave this to go slightly spongy but not hard, spritz with IPA
Pour half your peacock soap into each mould, spritz with IPA and leave to go spongy, not hard
Spritz again with alcohol IPA and then pour half the white soap over one mould and the other half over the other mould. Leave to go hard.
 Cut into squares and wrap in plastic wrap once cool
Valentine 2016 -026Valentine 2016 -025

Valentine 2016 -041Valentine 2016 -036Valentine 2016 -037Valentine 2016 -039

Valentine 2016 -014
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Taiwan Modified Swirl - A Soap Challenge

It has been a VERY long time since I last posted. This has been due to a combination of factors, but mainly Christmas. It was much busier than I expected (YAY).

Taiwan Modified (5)Taiwan Modified (10)   Taiwan Modified (14)

This month Amy had a technique that I have been wanting to try for ages - The Modified Taiwan Swirl. As always it was a lot of fun.

Taiwan Modified (23)

This is my second attempt . The pinks, green and white. I used Apple Green Mica, Titanium Di oxide, Rose red Mica and a mixture of Rose Red and Titanium. I am really happy with the results.

Taiwan Modified (19)

Above is my first attempt. Here I used Titanium Di oxide, Peacock green and Shine Red mica.

You can view the video on YouTube or click this link

#Riverlea Soap

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