Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to make beautiful, easy Valentine MP Hearts

 Valentine 2016 -005
I decided to go non traditional with the colours for this years Valentine soaps.
Blog You will need
2800g Clear soap base 
 Deep brown Mica
Peacock Mica 
Titanium Di Oxide 
Fragrance oil, we used Forever 
Silicone moulds
Chopstick for stiring
IPA for spritzing away bubbles 
Little heart shaped cutter
Microwavable jugs

Blog How to
Melt all the clear soap base
Premix all your colours in a little glycerine to prepare them
Pour off 300g soap base add  1/2tsp of Deep brown Mica, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Pour off 300g soap base and add 1/2tsp Peacock Mica, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Pour off 300g soap base and leave it clear, add fragrance oil, cover with a lid
Add the premixed Titanium Di Oxide to the rest of the clear soap base and cover with a lid
Pour half the brown soap mix into each of your soap moulds and let it go hard
Take the cookie cutter and cut out your hearts. The hearts should stick to the silicone mould. Pull out the main layer of soap and it will leave the hearts behind (left pic)
Spritz both the hearts in one mould and the cut out sheet in the other. Take the clear soap base and pour 150g into one of the moulds and then lay your sheet of cut out hearts directly on top of the clear soap.
Pour the other 150g over the other mould that has the hearts in it. Spritz both lots of soap to remove  bubbles
Leave this to go slightly spongy but not hard, spritz with IPA
Pour half your peacock soap into each mould, spritz with IPA and leave to go spongy, not hard
Spritz again with alcohol IPA and then pour half the white soap over one mould and the other half over the other mould. Leave to go hard.
 Cut into squares and wrap in plastic wrap once cool
Valentine 2016 -026Valentine 2016 -025

Valentine 2016 -041Valentine 2016 -036Valentine 2016 -037Valentine 2016 -039

Valentine 2016 -014
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