Thursday, 25 May 2017

Soap Dough–a soap making challenge

Soap Dough Lolly (138)

This is a challenge I was so excited about. It really taught me a new skill and I have new found respect for all cake decorators! The precision and skill that is required is beyond me.

For this challenge I had to call on my best friend Debbie, who is an award winning cake decorator. She has been living in Australia for the last 8 years and we have just reconnected after she moved back here again. What a great way to take up our friendship again. She taught me to mould and shape roses and leaves.

Soap Dough Lolly (91)

Soap roses and a palette knife

Soap Dough Lolly (94)

Moulding and shaping the soap lolly. This was harder than it looks. I really battled with the uniformity of the top and trying to get the “dipped” soap layer an even thickness was quite a challenge.

Soap Dough Lolly (96)

Debs took the plunge and started to add roses to the lolly i had made while I made the next lolly for me add roses to.

Soap Dough Lolly (61)

As you can see the “chocolate” strip was also quite thick. I was too afraid to roll it thinner as it kept on breaking.

Soap Dough Lolly (71)

Debs did a great job of adding the roses, while mine was much more basic and simple. She clearly has done more of this than me adn has an artistic eye for bunching the roses together.

Soap Dough Lolly (49)

Soap Dough Lolly (135)

Thanks Amy, as always this was a great challenge and I had a lot of fun.


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