Friday, 7 May 2010

Time out

After a long day reloading software and taking photographs to try and resore the library I once had, I have taken a break and had some fun with Zoner Draw. This is a great "graphics" programme with a lot of amazing functions.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

How much does your data mean to you?????

Sorry for my long absence. I recently had an awful experience - my hard drive crashed and I lost all my data. EVERYTHING! I lost my data, my mind, more data, my sense of humour, even more data and then the plot. (My husband is not lost.) And through all this I have not had one drink - no I am not an alcoholic but I wish I was. It might not have been such a bad experience. Maybe I would have found my data in triplicate. All is not well in the land of my hard drive as they attempt to find the data firstly, then rebuild the drive and finally recover the data. It seems that they are unable to find spares. Who would have thought?!!!!! How many defunct machines are there in the world sitting in a dump?? I would have thought far too many but they do not seem to be able to find spares for me. Sock heaven and hard drive spare heaven are in the same place! If you know where that is please let me know. Thanks.
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