Monday 13 May 2019

This blog has moved to the Riverlea website! You can find all out ingredients and soap making escapades in one spot now. We will be loading how to videos using or fragrances and colours making it easy for you to find in one place.
This blog is staying open and you will be able to see all our past articles and refer back to it whenever you like.

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Custom Wedding Soaps

I got an email from a lady a few months ago who said she would love to have some soaps made for her sisters wedding. We did everything on email with pictures and descriptions of what they were looking for from the colours to the size.

Raisa Wedding-006

The brief she sent with the colour ideas.

Wedding Dec18 (1)

Wedding Dec18 (4)Wedding Dec18 (2)Raisa Wedding-014

"They are gorgeous! I absolutely love them. Thank you so, so much. I never thought that it would come out EXACTLY the way I envisioned it. The colours are perfect."

Raisa Wedding

Thanks Raisa we had a lot of fun making these and they smell gorgeous.

Monday 23 July 2018

Making Teddies for a Baby shower

Teddy Soaps-025a

We recently posted this cute teddy soap on Facebook that we had been testing and we were asked to make some for a baby shower in cream and white so we thought we would share the process.


You can see the video here on Facebook


Tuesday 3 July 2018

Custom Soaps for Tiara Publications

Tiara Soaps

We recently made custom Teddy soaps and loved them soap much we thought we would try something a little more sophisticated.

Tiara Soaps-012

Tiara Soaps-026

Tiara Soaps-022

To order a custom soap for a special occasion you contact us here

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