Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mini Desserts - a soap club challenge

Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-033

I have been a little separated from my blog this year. The best laid plans have gone awry leaving me behind in my posting and I have just not managed to catch up. I will have to spend a good few hours post dating.

Anyway this month we had our challenge from Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soapworks - Mini desserts. I have to admit I was a little intimidated by these tiny suckers! Once I got over that intimidation I had a lot of fun.

Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-018

My first desert was Pistachio Dream cake. I used chocolate chips for the base and also added a little chocolate brown oxide to ensure I got a deep chocolaty brown. For the chocolate curl I shaved little of the base off and then piped a "Leaf" onto the top and then pushed the chocolate curl onto this.

Image result for chocolate chips

Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-044Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-025

Strawberry Mousse Cake: I made this dessert with White chocolate chips and Titanium Di oxide to ensure I got a good white base. I then coloured the base with Red Dayglo and titanium di oxide to get pastel pink. I then piped roses and added leaves with the same green I used on the leaf of the Pistachio cake.   

Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-039

Mini Strawberry Cupcake: I did not use any food in this cupcake. I did use the same roses as the Mousse cake and piped the leaf onto in at the end. I started with the base, using red Dayglo, then a day later piped the icing and then added the rose and leaf on the same day.

Mini Desserts - Riverlea Soap-057

Image result for dessicated coconut

Strawberry Meringue Pie: I used Chocolate chips in the base along with desiccated coconut. I then poured pink soap coloured with red dayglo and titanium di oxide onto the base and then piped white soap onto the top. I added coloured jojoba beads  for the sprinkles.

Thanks Amy. This was a lot of fun and not as intimidating as I had initially imagined. i will definitely be making more in the future.

#Riverlea Soap

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ibiza, what a magical island

I am currently away on holiday in Ibiza with my husband and his family to celebrate his mothers 80th birthday. As I Ibza is such an important part of of their history they chose to come back here.

Portinatx at sunset
Cala D-Hort

Paella for lunch
Pancakes for breakfast
What an amazing trip so far.


Thursday, 2 April 2015

A walk down Soap challenge memory lane and some exciting news

Danelion Challenge-017

Dandelion Soap Challenge

Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks contact me today to ask if I could let all my peeps know that she has a GREAT soap challenge competition on the go at the moment. As she has amassed a very large following of national and international soapers she has decide to have two competitions in one. All contestants will enter the same way but there are two categories - US entrants and International entrants.

This is what Amy had to say on her blog ...."Of course, this month we are doing something a little bit different and special for the international soapmakers. Anyone who is outside the U.S. will have their very own link-up and their very own prize! I’m so pleased that Gracefruit Ltd. is excited to sponsor this portion of the challenge with a £50 gift certificate for first place and a £25 gift certificate for their Sponsor’s Choice prize. Spread the word!"

See the rest of the post here.

Below are some of my past entries.

Graduated Soap-025

Graduated Soap Challenge


Tiger stripe Challenge


Faux Funnel Challenge

Butterfly swirl first attempt

And most recently the Butterfly Challenge.

I have had a LOT of fun and would really encourage soapers to join up.


#Riverlea Soap

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Blogsy on iPad

I am setting up my new iPad so that I can blog and work while I am traveling without having to take my laptop with me. Blogsy is an app that allows you to blog from your iPad. So far so good. Let's add some photos.
Oops I deleted everything and had to start over. It seems to be quite easy but I am sure it will take a while to master it.
I hope you all had a great weekend. The pictures are new soaps for The Find in Waterfall.
Well not so easy it seems. I tried to post date this post and it did not work. Let's try again



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