Monday, 24 January 2011

Let's Make Soap, a recipe

Click here to see our entry on equipment and basic procedures for making soap.
'Base Recipe'   
Sunflower       784      gr         28.0%
Coconut          560      gr         20.0%
Palm               1400    gr         50.0%

Lye/ NaOH     371.03g
Water/ distilled 930.62g
Lye Discount:   7%
Water Discount: 0%
Fragrance  Or  Essential oil 112g
Pouring Oil

This recipe has no colour but you can add it if you wish.
Heat Fats/ oils- 100 F, melting the solid first then adding the liquid oils.
Cool H2O/ lye- 100 F
Once oils and water/lye are at the correct temps then add your Lye to your oils and stick blend until trace.
Trace 2

Add your fragrance or Essential oils.
Pour into your mould. Wait for about 24 hours for the soap to harden.
Innoxa (3)
Take it out of the mould carefully and cut.
You have made your first soap.
Innoxa (37)


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