Monday, 11 April 2011

The Joys of living in Africa

I am very lucky to live in Africa, I do know this. But lately a few things have happened to make me question living here vs. living abroad.
I am loyal to my country but loyally can only get you so far, you need an infrastructure that works and a mass of people who are educated enough not to want to burn their schools down and who don't believe it is their right to have a job. I believe you have to work to get a job and then work to keep it.
I recently went to the post office to mail a parcel to a client of mine.Being the OC Virgo that I am it was double wrapped in brown paper, had all the necessary addresses - to and from, the tracking number, up arrows and so much more. It looked good enough to give away as a birthday gift! I am always quite careful that my clients get a nice looking parcel. I handed the parcel over, paid my money, and the lovely lady behind the counter scanned the tracking number, gave me a receipt and I went on my merry way.
5 days later I got a slip in the mail to say there was a parcel waiting for me. I was so excited because I was expecting my sister's Christmas present from London. And she always sends such nice gifts. Yes, I know what you are thinking... Christmas present, now! I think the snow and bad weather in December sent my pressie in the wrong direction. Anyway I digress. I rushed of to the post office only to find a very familiar looking parcel waiting for me... the parcel I had sent to my client 5 days previously!!! A huge gap in the centre of it where the clients address should have been.
Joys of Africa Postal
The clients address was torn off and so the post office could only send it back to me as mine was still there. I was then asked to sign my slip of paper to acknowledge receipt of the parcel, which I refused to do. A heated argument then broke out because I entrusted them to mail my parcel not to me but to my client. If I had signed I would then have had to pay AGAIN to have the parcel resent.
Trying to investigate the matter leads me back to the education. point I raised earlier: how do you explain the logic of what happened to a person who does not understand you and who is illiterate? I got a blank stare and a lot of EEEHHH and EISH and many other things. Speaking to the manager did not get me much further so I re-addressed the parcel, wished it loads of luck and 7 days later it arrived. Thankfully!

One of the problems with Africa is a job is NOT awarded on merit, it is awarded on colour. Racist you cry. Yes you are right, but reverse racism it is. I hate to bring it up but it is a fact. Anyway in my opinion if you can't do the job then you shouldn't be in the job. Colour has nothing to do with it.

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