Monday, 4 July 2011

A tutorial - my first post!

Welcome to ME!!

Linda MP-059 

I will be entertaining you for the next 6 months and giving Odie a well-deserved break.

I feel more confident working with HP (hot process) soaps, but am learning the art of Melt and Pour (M and P) and invite you to enjoy the journey with me.

I was requested to join a mailing list and received my very first Soap Kit from the Soap Barn in Johannesburg, SA.

To make the above pretty soaps, I followed the steps below and learned a few tricks along the way.

You will need:
  • Moulds of 80g each (calculated by filling the mould with water and weighing it before and after)
  • Soap colouring of choice (I used red)
  • Fragrance of choice (I used Grapefruit)
  • Opaque M and P soap base
  • Jugs, stirrers, scale, spraying alcohol, micro-wave
Linda MP-006


  • Chop M and P into jug, and melt in 30 second bursts until just liquid
  • Add colour drop by drop and stir until desired tone achieved - be cautious!
  • Add fragrance - guideline 2% of soap weight and stir (see TIP below!)
  • Pour gently into positioned mould (see TIP below!)
  • Spritz immediately with alcohol to remove obvious bubbles
  • When cooled (approximately 60 minutes) turn mould upside down and gently press to remove soap - if resisting, leave for a further 10 minutes
  • Stand back and admire!

Linda10 2011-06-20 05-46-38 PM


  • REMEMBER to position your mould where it can remain unmoved for the cooling time. DO NOT MOVE!
  • To gauge whether your soap is ready to pour or not, hold jug firmly between hands and it should be a comfortable heat. Allow it to form a thin skin, 'pull' to the side with your stirrer and pour.
  • DO NOT FILL your mould, allow a 2mm space as this will assist when demoulding.
Yay!! See my post next week for the clear glitter option.

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  1. Nice tutorial. I myself don't do melt and pour, I make my own soap (try so very hard ;-)) ). Therefore my question: Do You have an address where I can get these beautiful moulds?

  2. Dear Petra - thank you so much for your comment! Lovely to hear from our readers - I will be posting Phase 2 of the M&P Tutorial, and will include details of our soap kits etc. Watch this space! Happy soaping! Regards Linda


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