Friday, 2 September 2011

Spring has Sprung!!

After the unusually cold winter here in South Africa, exacerbated by the unconditional winter rain in Kwa Zulu Natal – I was delighted to welcome Spring this morning!

Living on a farm in the suburbs of Durban, I am thoroughly spoilt by the sounds of nature – busy weaver birds chirping, tree frogs clicking, hadedah’s laughing and wild birds singing! I then open my doors and enjoy the warm berg wind while gazing at an orange sky as the sun makes its way over the hilltops to share its rays for another day.

I am then consumed by fragrances wafting in the breeze, calling me to come closer and get a deeper smell. I took photos to share with you – you will have to imagine the fragrances – the abundance of blossoms in the garden.

The picture below shows the violet Petrea – a large climbing shrub with flowers bursting from every stem, and just above it the Orange Jasmine – a rich dark green shrub with clustered heads of blooms carrying the unique sweet smell of Jasmine. To the right you will see the traditional Star Jasmine creeper – a simple white flower with dark pink stems, and in the picture below it – it has covered the entire farm fence and every frond is laden with bunches of flowers. Their scent is the powerful Jasmine fragrance that every child has experienced growing up – close your eyes, you can almost smell it! Behind the fence post is the indigenous African Coral tree in full bloom.

With a new season, comes the birth of many new ideas and events – Riverlea Soap is no exception!

The Riverlea Soap Univer-soap-y is in its final stages and will be launched in the very near future – more on that coming soon!

We are proud to be associated with the Marriage Meander which launched its new book today which is every bride’s 'must have' handbook and contains many options and ideas for the wedding ceremony – including our exciting custom soap options eg. personalized, Jasmine, creamy bars of soap with a textured finish. Get your very own copy of this high class, glossy book at CNA Stores on sale now!

Did you plan something new for Spring?

Are you launching new ideas or new events?

Even if it is just a new smile for now – here’s wishing you a wonderful, fragrance-filled season!

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