Monday, 12 September 2011

Riverlea Soap gets technology-wise!

We are indeed living in a technology age which will see our grandchildren’s children studying these times in history lessons. Some of us learn faster than others, and as we do all our development ourselves using the Google suite of products, we are perhaps in the ‘slower’ category.
Piglet and Pooh somewhat puzzled…
Piglet Pooh puzzled

There is no doubt that the world has moved ‘online’ and we have joined this trend. With our Blackberry’s in hand, laptops in bags, and desktops in the office – we are truly ‘a-movin-and-a-shakin’ with the best out there!
Odie and I were hard at work with our communication strategy and suddenly, it was like someone turned the light on, it all made sense! The connection between our blog, web, mail campaigns and online shopping cart and order forms – it all intertwines so logically.
All happy and filled with admiration of our handiwork!
PP Travel
Please take a moment to view the 'fruits' of our hard labour and let us know what you think!
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