Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Soap Making by Riverlea Soap

Early Sunday morning, in the tranquil treed garden on Riverlea Farm, Odette and Linda waited eagerly for the students to arrive. Riverlea Soap was to conduct the very first training session and officially launch Riverlea Soap Univer-soap-y!
RLS Universoapy  (1)
RLS Universoapy  (4)   RLS Universoapy  (3)RLS Universoapy  (2)   RLS Universoapy  (5)

The students arrived - even the family cat was there to greet them!
Everything was setup in the training room and they were presented with the ‘3G’’s. Garmet (apron), Goggles (eyeware) and Gloves. The Riverlea Soap Manual was waiting at their station with all the equipment needed to learn how to make COLD PROCESS soap.
The mid-morning break came after all the theory had been learnt and students enjoyed choc-chip cookies, juice and a very welcome cup of tea.
Then the fun began – students went through the process of measuring oils, mixing lye, colouring and fragrancing and finally pouring their creations into the take-home moulds.

Courses offered by Riverlea Soap Univer-soap-y are:-
Cold Process Soap Making
Bath and Body Products
Advanced Soap Making
To find our more about these courses, and other fun workshops, please visit our website or email us now!

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  1. What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much Odette and Linda (mom!) for allowing me to partake in the course - I have learnt so much and it has interested me a lot more in the soap making process!
    Clap hands for us soap nerds! (clap,clap,clap)
    Love Tigger!


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