Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Market Day - North Coast, South Africa!

I must tell you that we try and share with you every Monday via our blog but sometimes technology fails us and it is just not possible. This time – I have to apologise and admit that I just did not have enough time. With all the pressures of studying again at university (assignments, lectures, meetings, exams) as well as the year end ‘hockey-stick’ in sales, I am a tad late.
Towards the end of the year, we are busier with markets that we attend, and the most recent, was a two-day market on the Kwa-Zulu Natal north coast in Ballito. This is the town that has seen the most significant growth in the area in recent years, and our market days certainly supported this.
Us ‘soapy ladies’ could be seen earnestly marketing our wares and getting first-hand feedback from clients which is always exciting.
Collisheen 2011 (3)
Collisheen 2011 (2)

Amid shrieks of delight, we were pleasantly surprised to receive “The Friendliest Stand” award! Thanks to all who voted – we sure had fun!
Collisheen 2011 (5)
We are often asked, “so what do you do at markets?” and “don’t you get bored?” Well, to share a little of our fun – at this market held at the Collisheen Estate, we were positioned in the enormous boma and directly behind Odette was a support pole which for some bizarre reason was covered in velcro! Yes, you guessed, she kept getting stuck to it! So, the little Miss McGyver devised a cunning plan, and wrapped the pole in plastic to avoid any further sticky situations.

We were also thoroughly spoilt, having dinner served to us by faithful friend Carol Rae Dengler, and pudding was creatively prepared by young Chad – thanks to you both!

Our mornings were tough – imagine waking up to this view (below) and then watching the water break with a school of dolphin swimming by!! Yes – just another tough day in Africa!
We have a number of Christmas markets coming up so we had best get back to work!
Take care and chat to you all again soon!

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