Monday, 21 November 2011

Tutorial - Melt and Pour - Scrunchie Soap...

Holiday season approaches and you have some time on your hands! What to do? Feeling creative? Want to try something new? Here is a fun project you can do on your own, in your home, with safe ingredients. Make an exciting scrunchie soap which is ideal as a gift or for use by you and your family.
Follow the steps below to make this soap and scrunchie in one.

You will need:
  • Paper cupcake holder
  • Shower scrunchie
  • Plastic strip and sticky tape
  • Soap colouring of choice (I used pink)
  • Fragrance of choice (I used a Musk blend)
  • Pearlescent powder
  • 200g Clear M and P soap base
  • Jugs, stirrers, scale, stick, micro-wave  

Scrunchie soap making (14)
  • Position paper cupcake holder on a flat surface
  • Fold scrunchie into itself and secure with plastic strip and tape
  • Chop M and P into jug, and melt in 30 second bursts until just liquid
  • Add colour drop by drop and stir until desired tone achieved
  • Add pearlescent and watch your soap blend!
  • Add fragrance - guideline 2% of soap weight and stir
  • Pour gently into positioned paper cupcake holder until two thirds full
Method continued:
  • Insert your scrunchie and hold submerged in the soap
  • Gently pour the remaining soap around the scrunchie until ‘full’
  • Secure scrunchie with a stick for a minute or until set in position
  • When cooled (approximately 60 minutes) release plastic strip
  • Stand back and admire!
Refer to previous tips if need be.
Email me to order the ingredients for this fun project!
Scrunchie soap making (20)


Till next time…stay safe!
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