Monday, 16 January 2012

More Valentine Heart Soap

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As you all know Valentine’s day is next month so January posts will all have a Valentine theme to them.
Linda was the soap maker in this post and I was official photographer.
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You will need:
  • A mould – Linda used hard Perspex – not easy to release your soap from
  • Opaque soap base - M and P - The amount is determined by how many you will make and the size of your moulds. Determine the size of your mould by placing it on a scale and zeroing the scale, then pour water into the mould and the weight of the water will be the amount of soap you will need.
  • Green colouring
  • Paper rose buds
  • Prestic/ reusable sticky tacky stuff – everyone has a different name for this stuff!
  • Spraying alcohol
  • Fragrance oil – we used Green Tea
  • Jugs, stirrers and or spoons, scale,
  • Melt your opaque soap base in a jug in the microwave in short bursts, making sure it is not too hot
  • Add your green colouring to the melted soap and your fragrance oil, wait for this to cool slightly
  • Get your mould ready by placing it on the sticky tacky stuff to hole it level, pour the soap into the mould, spritz with alcohol and leave to set
  • Once the soap is hard, remove it from the mould. This can be a little tricky so it may need to go into the fridge for a little while
  • Take your paper rose and place it into the top of the soap for decoration
  • Place your melted soaps into bags or wrap them as they will attract moisture
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