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Soapylove Valentine hearts

Valentine Soapylove1

I recently bought a book called SoapyLove. It is written by a lady called Debbie Chialtas who lives in the States. She is the most approachable famous person I know. I mailed and asked if I could copy the projects in the book and she mailed me right back. I was not expecting an answer from her at all! You can find her on Facebook or her blog. Thanks Debbie – you are a genius!
I immediately had to try some of the projects and I decided to do her “cut-out cookies”

SoapyloveSqueakyClean   SoapyloveDetail2  


You will need:
  • A mould – I used a silicone one
  • Clear Glycerine soap base – M and P. The amount is determined by how many you will make and the size of your moulds
  • Opaque/white soap base - M and P
  • Red colouring
  • Spraying alcohol
  • Fragrance oil – I used a HS
  • Jugs, stirrers and or spoons, mini heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Melt your opaque soap base in a jug in the microwave in short bursts, making sure it is not too hot
  • Add your red colouring to the melted soap and pour into the mould to set.
  • Once the soap is hard (it may still be a little warm) remove it from the mould and cut out the hearts with the mini cutter in one whole sheet – it is not easy trying to make sure the hearts are evenly spaced
Valentine Soapylove3-001   Valentine Soapylove3-004   Valentine Soapylove3-006
  • Melt the clear M&P and wait for it to cool slightly. If it is too hot you will melt
  • the hearts when you pour it into the mould
  • Add your fragrance oil and stir, avoiding making bubbles (you can use 1-2% of your soap weight) i.e. if you have a 100g of soap you will use about 1-2ml/g of fragrance
  • Pour some clear soap base into your mould and then spritz to remove any bubbles – you just want a thin layer
  • Spray the cut out sheet with alcohol and place it into the clear soap you have just poured
  • Wait for a while until you have a thick skin on the soap
  • While you are waiting for the above to go hard, melt your white soap and wait for this to cool
  • Spritz the whole soap again and then gently pour the white clear soap into your mould over the hearts trying not to make too many bubbles
  • Spritz the soap again and then wait for the soap to harden – approximately 30 – 40 minutes, depending on how large the soap is
Valentine Soapylove3   Valentine Soapylove3-009 (2)
Professional AMAZING looking soap, thanks Debbie
DSCN0033   DSCN0035
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  1. Great job! Your soaps are adorable!
    BTW, where did you get that awesome cookie cutter? Does it push the hearts out? So cool!


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