Monday, 2 January 2012

Swirling–A CP Tutorial

Faux Funnell with a swirl-014

You may remember my post with pictures on swirling. Well here is the way I did it. I am certainly not as good as some people at swirling but it is such a fun and challenging technique that you can keep trying and never quite get it right but all your attempts will always look pretty.

You will need:
  • 784g Sunflower oil
  • 560g Coconut oil
  • 980g Palm Oil
  • 420 Olive Oil (I will probably use more OO next time as it was a little thick to work with)
  • 56g Palm Stearic acid

  • 378g NaOH – (Sodium Hydroxide)
  • 948g Distilled Water

  • 112g Neroli Essential oil
  • Micas or pigments
  • Mixing jugs
  • Mould- lined ( I used my log mould – 60cm long x 10cm wide and 10cm high)
  • A stick blender

soap equipment
  • Measure out your colours that you wish to use and mix with oil or water (I used 10ml for each colour and took this off the sunflower oil allocation)
Faux Funnell with a swirl-002   Faux Funnell with a swirl (2)  
  • Measure/ weigh your water you need, weigh the NaOH, add your NaOH to the water, mix until it is dissolved, cool this to 105F
  • Measure out  your oils and heat to 105F
  • Pour the NaOH into the oils and stick blend until very light trace(this is the point where the oils and lye are emulsified)
Faux Funnell with a swirl-004
  • Now separate your soap mixture into the premixed colours
  • Start to pour your colours into the mould in the centre of the mould. This a a little bit like the Faux Funnel pour you may have seen posted.
  • Keep pouring until you have used all the soap mixture. I then dolloped the last of the soap in blobs along the top
  • Take a chop stick and then insert (all the way to the bottom) at one corner and start to drag it diagonally from side to side until you have reached the end of the mould
  • Whola you are done.
  • Wrap the mould and leave overnight.
Faux Funnell with a swirl-005   Faux Funnell with a swirl-006 (2)

  Faux Funnell with a swirl-007 (2)   Faux Funnell with a swirl-009 (2)

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  1. LOVE THIS! I am a huge fan of the faux funnel pour method - just used it on my Valentines soap for the guys. Never thought to swirl it - now I'll have something new to try! Thanks!

  2. Nice colours. I'd like to see the soap cut up.

  3. yes, very lovely colours; Let us also see the soap cut!

  4. Did you save a photo of the cut soap? These colors are outstanding!


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