Sunday, 26 August 2012

Spicy Rose

Vintage rose collection (16)

An African bush Wedding

Last week my stepson got married and we all travelled up to the Kruger National park to enjoy the animals, sun and the wedding of course.

Ro's Wedding

A pod of Hippos wallowing in the hot sun trying their best to look like rocks.


Laura reading advice and poems from all of us at the Hen’s party.

Ro's Wedding1

A little bit of fun the night before the wedding.

Ro's Wedding2

The wedding day – everyone looking their best.

Ro's Wedding3

And of course we had to have a bit of soap somewhere in the mix. Wedding favours made by yours truly.

Riverlea Soap

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dutch make soap

Last week you may have seen my post about the snow and our family visit from my Dutch relatives.

IMG_0754          IMG_0920

The 3 boys were fascinated with my soap making so they decided to join me in making some fun Melt and Pour embedded soaps.


The 3 boys started by choosing a fragrance and then chose their colours. They wanted clear soaps so we worked with clear Melt and Pour soap base.


Above they listen intently while I explain the dangers of hot soap, and the procedures we are going to follow.



Adding colour….                                           Adding Fragrance…


Checking the consistency before they pour.



Mees pouring very carefully                   Stijn pouring his beautiful blue and I am helping little Willem pour his.    


IMG_0747            IMG_0752

The finished results….

The boys had so much fun they decided to take home some of the Melt and Pour kits we have available for their cousins so they could make soap with them.


Riverlea Soap

Monday, 13 August 2012

It’s been snowing!…

and we have had family staying. My stepson will be getting married in Kruger National park next Saturday so we have all the family from around the world coming for the occasion. As you can see from the pictures, the farm on the left and the dam on the right, we have had a bit of snow and it has been freezing. Africa is not really cold so this has been a bit of a shock to us. We have had a lot of fun and our normally very quiet little village has been inundated with visitors who want to see the snow.

I took the opportunity to make some soap with my nephews from Holland.

IMG_0862      IMG_0861      IMG_0860
Next week see how we made these cute soaps and more.

Riverlea Soap

Monday, 6 August 2012

South African “Shop”

For ages I have been trying to get my online shop to be in my local currency.
This now seems be have become a reality. YAY!
It is not really a proper online shop but more of an online ordering facility but at least it shows my currency.
Please feel free to visit. I have only loaded some products but in time all the regulars will be there and new, once off products will also be on.
Riverlea Soap shop

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