Monday, 20 August 2012

The Dutch make soap

Last week you may have seen my post about the snow and our family visit from my Dutch relatives.

IMG_0754          IMG_0920

The 3 boys were fascinated with my soap making so they decided to join me in making some fun Melt and Pour embedded soaps.


The 3 boys started by choosing a fragrance and then chose their colours. They wanted clear soaps so we worked with clear Melt and Pour soap base.


Above they listen intently while I explain the dangers of hot soap, and the procedures we are going to follow.



Adding colour….                                           Adding Fragrance…


Checking the consistency before they pour.



Mees pouring very carefully                   Stijn pouring his beautiful blue and I am helping little Willem pour his.    


IMG_0747            IMG_0752

The finished results….

The boys had so much fun they decided to take home some of the Melt and Pour kits we have available for their cousins so they could make soap with them.


Riverlea Soap

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