Monday, 15 October 2012

A very thoughtful thank you gift


You may remember the family wedding we had recently. I made the wedding favours for my step son and his lovely bride and as a thank you gift they sent me this amazing photographic tent. I LOVE IT! It was such a thoughtful gift.

I was so excited when I opened the pouch and saw it all neatly packed up. The excitement turned to 20 minutes of frustration as I tried to unpack the tent. I was convinced that there was a part missing as it just seemed to flop over the whole time. I had to figure out the is was twisted and packed into itself. I had a good laugh once I realised how to unpack it.


I am still getting the hang of the lighting and positioning of items but it really is an amazing little “tool”

Thanks guys. Hopefully this will take my photos to the next level.

Riverlea Soap


  1. That is just so sweet of them, what a great gift! And your cupcake soaps are just so totes adorbs, I love them. :)


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