Monday, 8 October 2012

Making transfer soap – a tutorial

You will need:
1. Place your soap in the microwave on defrost until it has all melted,
2. While it is melting cut your transfer sheet to fit snugly into the base of the mould, shiny side in contact with the mould. i.e. facing down
3. Take your black oxide (mixed with a little alcohol to prevent it from clumping) and mix it into your melted soap.
4. Let the soap cool until it has a skin on it and is cool to the touch. Peel the skin away from the spout and gently pour into mould over the transfer. Leave the soap to cool for about 45 minutes or until cool and hard. Do not be impatient with this step or your transfer won’t stick nicely.
5. Peel back the transfer and admire your beautiful soap.
Wrap your soap in cling wrap and place in a pretty bag tied with a nice ribbon.
Transfer soap1

Riverlea Soap

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