Saturday, 10 November 2012

MP CP Combination Soap–a Tutorial …

and a competition.

MP CP-040

I am so very competitive. I love to play games and compete against others and myself. I also like to win. So when I saw this post from Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soap Works I knew I had to buck up and enter. I have been wanting to try this technique for some time but have been so busy with Christmas production that I thought I would wait and try it in December. I am so glad I got a push and a reason to try it sooner. Thanks Amy. I had a lot of fun and am REALLY happy with the result.

So the competition is to make a soap with a combination of MP and CP. You can win a 5lb wooden mould and silicone liner …. oh dream away. So I spent a few hours thinking of what I wanted to do. I have wanted to make soap with blues and greens ever since my last batch did not turn out very well. I used it for re-batch. You can see the post here.Swirl used for rebacth

I have made a video and posted on YouTube but here are a few pics to whet your appetite.

MP CP-001                   MP CP-002

MP CP-006

MP CP-007MP CP-011

MP CP-018                    MP CP-019

MP CP-053

Riverlea Soap



  1. Gorgeous! Your soap turned out very nice and your stamp is so lovely :)

  2. Thanks. I am very pleased with the soap and I do love the stamp.

  3. I love your color choice! It looks awesome!

  4. I love it!! Greens & blues are some of my favorites as well. Looking forward to checking out your video next!

  5. Thank you Odie and your video is great. This is a beautiful soap! I think I'll try this next with the faux funnel swirl.

  6. Love the colors and your stamp!

  7. Nice! The colors are perfect. And I like how you left the MP uncolored; it really makes the CP part stand out.

  8. It's beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures demonstrating how you poured it!


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