Monday, 18 February 2013

Cutter – Getting there slowly – Part 2

Last week I spoke about my soap cutter and how I need to improve it so I could cut bars more precisely and evenly every time.

DSCN0001 Cutter3

This is good old faithful that I made 1 month after I had my back operation. Maybe that is why my back has never healed properly??!! Oops.

Anyway you can see that the cutter is held together by cable ties… the solution to most problems. It really didn’t look too good so I came up with something a little more pleasing to look at. A metal bar screwed into the top section holding it together nicely and looks good too.


The next problem was how to keep the log of soap in one place without having to hold it while you are cutting.

DSCN0021 DSCN0005-002

The picture above left shows what I had added previously but I could only cut a limited size bar because the slider would only move 2 cm. On the right I was paying with some thread bar and metal corner pieces. Once I thought I had it right I cut the thread bar and wood to the correct size. I attached the corner pieces as far from the cutting sections as I could, I then threaded the bar through the holes in the corner pieces to get the right height, marked the wood and epoxied/ glued the thread bar into the wood. I attached 2 wing nuts , one on either side of the corner piece so they hold each other in place and stop the block of wood moving. Now I can slide the wood where I want it, tighten the nuts and cut to my hearts content. Perfectly sized bars every time.

Cutter10  Cutter11     Cutter5


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  1. Have a look at the files and photos section of Tallow Soapers on Yahoogroups. There are some pictures of an awesome wire cutter that you can adjust to any size bar really easily. And it's relatively easy to make. It used to be sold as the Delsie adjustable soap cutter, but apparently they're out of business and Delsie has passed away (from what I could find out).

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