Sunday, 19 May 2013

Africa is not for Sissies

We have had another post of the same title a while ago but I really thought I had to add more to it.


It is Winter here on the farm and that means SNAKES! I am a tough cookie and can pretty much deal with anything - thanks to my Dad. He thought us that a girl can co anything a boy can do. But what he could never teach me was to love snakes, or spiders for that matter. I can take any creepy crawly but these two.

I have had 3 snakes in my lab this week alone and I am pretty freaked out. I spent 3 hours this week trying to be nice and coax the first one one out but at number three and many wasted hours I took to a plank and took my best shot. I am not proud of what I did but every time I put my hand down to get a bucket or ingredient I am nervous because they sneak out at you and scare the cr... out of you. Apologies to all snake lovers out there.I need tranquilisers just to set foot in there.

We have a plastic snake in our kitchen to "protect" us from burglars. Yes a little odd but the people of Africa are superstitious and do not like snakes so if you have one in your house you should never be burgled. Last year this snake below (right) decided that it really like the plastic snake so it came it to kitchen and wrapped itself around the burglar guards and made friends with the plastic snake. I went into the kitchen to make tea and while I was carrying my cup back to my office I had a bit of an accident when the supposed plastic snake moved and my tea was history. Funny now but not nice at the time.


If anyone has any snake whispering advice now would be a great time to share. PLEASE.

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  1. I'd have nightmares. Yikes

  2. You are so brave! My cat brought in a non poisonous baby garter snake a few years ago. I came around a corner and into the kitchen and he was playing with it. OH scared! Once my breath returned I got a pancake turner and scooped it up and out it went!

    Are you snakes poisonous? Pretty green though!

  3. I could never get in there myself after the first snake. You are right Africa is not for sissies at all.


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