Monday, 10 June 2013

Soap Challenge - Peacock Swirl - a Tutorial


I have just joined the soap challenge club with Amy Warden from Great cakes Soapworks.  Registration is now closed but follow her blog and watch out for the next one.

In the mean time you can follow along on my blog if you like.

P1260005 P1260007 P1260001

The colourants being mixed in Olive Oil before you even start making the soap.

P1260012 DSCN0004 P1260026

You need a very fancy apparatus made out of wooden skewer sticks.

You can see the video on YouTube here.

P1260058  DSCN0007 (2)

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Riverlea Soap


  1. I just love how your peacock swirl turned out! The colors are so true to real peacock colors, fabulous job. =)

  2. Looks beautiful. :) Love the colours and how the swirl turned out.

  3. So pretty!! Yes, very realistic peacock colors - great job, Odie!!


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