Monday, 18 November 2013

Making Mould Liners

Mould Liners-015

I saw this post on lining a mould using liquid Latex. As I had some in stock I thought I would give it a try.

I have to say it takes a LONG time to do. About 3 days in total. I waited for it to dry in between coats but then had to go off to make a delivery or make soap. I am sure it would probably only take a day if you were dedicated but I do tend to multi task (not always a good thing).

Mould LinersMould Liners-003

I used a product called Dala Casting rubber that you paint on. It is available in most craft stores. Use a large fine bristled brush and paint on a thin layer. It looks white when you first paint it on then dries to a yellowish colour.

Mould Liners-004Mould Liners-006

I painted 4 coats but I think I will do more next time. It is quite thin but totally useable.

Mould Liners-007Mould Liners-008

Once dry, I peeled from the wood and then clipped it back on to keep it upright. The sides are so thin they just collapse back on themselves.

Mould Liners-010Mould Liners-011Mould Liners-018Mould Liners-019

Peeling the mould off the soap is SUPER easy. The only problem I did have was that the bottom pitted into the soap - right picture

Mould Liners-016Mould Liners-017

Here is the finished soap. NICE

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