Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Workshop Fun

I recently held two workshops in Durban for the daughter of a friend. She had attended a workshop I had earlier in the year and had so much fun she wanted MORE! I think the soap bug has bitten her.

Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-008    Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-012

For the first workshop they made cupcake soaps, fizz bombs, sugar scrub and a bar of soap with dolphin stickers.

Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-004    Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-005Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-006    Workshop Lauren Dec 2013   

And for the second  workshop they made cupcake soaps (this is always a hit), fizz bombs, sugar scrub and a bath scrunchie set in soap.    

Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-001    Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-007    Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-011        Workshop Lauren Dec 2013-014   

We all had a lot of fun and I am sure I will be seeing the girls again soon.

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Wartburg Christmas Market

I have just finished my busiest market of the year in Wartburg. OMG, busy is an understatement. We really worked hard and I am grateful to my good friend Jen who helps me every year as I would not manage this market on my own.

She took some amazing pictures and really made my products look good. Thanks Jen you are a star.

BARS and LSCake of soapDandelion swirlFoamer bags and FizziesLilacsScrubs LavenderSea breeze and swirlsSwirls2

Cake of soap VintageSwirls1

Next week I will be back in the swing of the soap club and we are doing the column swirl.

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