Monday, 26 May 2014

Making French Inspired Glycerine Soaps - a Tutorial

Last week I mentioned that I would show you how to make these soaps.

French Vintage -007

You will need:
Clear Melt and Pour base
Titanium Di Oxide
Fragrance oil
Water soluble paper sheets
Mould - I used a silicone one
Microwave safe jugs
Plastic stirring sticks
Craft knife
Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA


How to:
Take your water soluble paper and print your chosen picture. Remember that your picture will need to fit into your mould cavity so don't print it too large. I managed to fit 8 onto my sheet of paper. I have given you a picture I used in another batch I made last week.
Set the paper aside and leave it for 24hours.
Measure your mould, length x breadth x height, to work out how much soap you will need. I usually split my height into 3 and pour 1/3 clear and 2/3 white. i.e. if your mould is 7x6x3cm you will need 162g of soap base, 42g of which will be clear and 84g white. don't forget to then multiply these figures by the number of cavities your mould has.
Take a jug and place enough clear soap base to pour over your picture so that it will be totally covered with a thin layer of soap. Place it in the microwave and melt it.
Take your printed sheet and lay it on a flat surface, printed side UP. Then make sure your melted soap has cooled so when you touch the jug it is warm to the touch. 
Pour the soap onto your printed sheet making sure you cover the whole sheet. I used a plastic container lined with silicone paper. I am sure you could do it on your granite kitchen counters as well. Allow this to cool and harden.
Once it is hard cut your pictures out with a craft knife into the correct sit to fit into our mould cavities.
Weight out the 1/3rd clear soap and the 2/3rd clear soap with Titanium Di Oxide added to it into 2 separate jugs. Place in the microwave and melt the soap.
Take the 1/3rd amount of melted clear soap and pour quickly into your mould cavities. Take the IPA and spritz away the bubbles.Then quickly take your cut out pictures and place them printed side down into the clear soap you have just poured. Allow this clear layer to go hard. 
Vintage Soap-025    Making French Vintage-002
While the clear layer is getting hard, take your 2/3rds soap that you melted with the clear and made into white soap and add your fragrance oil, stir in gently. Try to pick a fragrance that wont discolour.
M&P Jug
Once the clear layer is spongy to the touch take your white soap and carefully pour it over the clear layer.
 Making French Vintage-004
Leave your soaps to harden for at least 1 hour or more. Once they are hard release form the mould.
French vintage - making-004   French vintage - making-001


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