Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Mega Rose - Another soap cutter by Rose Ericson

You may have seen my other post about a soap cuter. This Cutter was called the Rose cutter as It was made by Rose. There were a few restrictions on this cutter so Rose has been working on a new cutter picture below. She very kindly sent it to me to try out and review for her. I had some soap that I had made the day before so could teat it the day it arrived. I have called the new cutter the Mega Rose. I cuts like a dream. You do not have to be too strong to use it and it is free standing so you do not have to screw it onto your counter top for it to work effectively. It only cuts 6 bars at a time but still saves you a amazing amount of time. You do not have to cut long logs up into smaller pieces to fit you just slide them in and cut, slide again and cut.

Mega Rose cutter2-020    Mega Rose cutter2-021Mega Rose cutter2-022    Mega Rose cutter2-023Mega Rose cutter2-024    Mega Rose cutter2-025

You can see me using the Mega Rose on YouTube.

This is an amazing product which is easy to use. The quality of workmanship is amazing. You would not be sorry if you bought one of these from Rose. You can go onto my website and see both cutters. They will be loaded in the next few days - Riverlea Soap.

#Riverlea Soap

Monday, 11 August 2014

Soap Swap

I am a member of a Facebook group called South African Soapers and we recently had a soap swap. I was paired with Zikhona Tefu who makes the most amazing Olive oil soaps.

How lucky was I to received this.

DSCN0005   DSCN0006


I also got a very nice lotion bar. It smells yummy and makes my skin SO soft.

#Riverlea Soap



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