Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentine Soaps 2015

Valentine 2015-009

We have been having fun making Valentine soaps this year. This is an old favourite that we have just re-coloured.

We used Burgundy Oxide for the pink hearts and Titanium Di Oxide for the White parts and 1 part Green Hydrated Chrome Oxide, 1 part Green Oxide and 1 part Blue Mica for the green part.

Valentine CP 2015 (3)Valentine CP 2015 (17)

On day 1 make the hearts first, clean them up and set aside.

On day 2  premix your colours so they are ready to add to the soap base. Make the base of the soap and split into 2 parts, 1 third for the green and 2 thirds for the white. Mix the colours into your divided so batter and pour the green layer into the mould.

Mix the Titanium di oxide into the other soap batter and carefully layer it on top of the green layer. Do not fill the mould to the top as you still have to add the soap hearts.

Valentine CP 2015 (37)Valentine CP 2015 (23)

Push the hearts into the white soap base and leave until morning.

take out of the mould and leave another day, then cut and leave to cure for 4 weeks.

Valentine 2015-021

#Riverlea Soap

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