Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Using Cosmetic Micas in Cold Process Soap – Colorant Guide–Modernsoapmaking

This is a very interesting guide from Modern Soapmaking that I thought might be useful….

A full rainbow of micas ready to be put in soap!

Cosmetic micas can be used to create beautifully vivid and bold cold process soaps. I’m always asked how I get my colors so bright, and one part of that is using cosmetic micas in cold process soap (and the other part is applying color theory to create beautiful color schemes that contrast and pop!)

While mica itself is a natural product, cosmetic micas are coated with other colorants such as pigments and FD&C colorants. Check the INCI of your micas, and you’ll know what’s in there! The dual sided colorant particles are what create the shimmer and sheen of cosmetic micas. They are most commonly found in various cosmetics, such as lipstick, eye shadow, and blush.

Cosmetic micas are absolutely stunning in clear products, like melt and pour soap, because the light can refract off the mica particles. Unfortunately, micas lose most of their shimmer in cold process soap because soap is opaque in nature. (There is still a slight sheen to cold process soap colored with mica.) However, the range of colors achievable and the ease make using cosmetic micas to color cold process soap entirely worthwhile. Read more…

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