Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I recently received an email enquiry from Ellen Worrell who wanted to purchase from my website. 

When I replied that we do not take credit cards but can do a PayPal payment she placed her order. Not on the website like most people but typed it out which must have taken ages as it was a large order.
Her address is below for all to see.

Once I had received the order I did a Google search on her name and address.
Turns out she has been doing the rounds. So BEWARE!! I sent her a mail back saying I had done a search on her and was aware of her game. Funny that I haven’t heard back from her!!!
I read an article a while ago about some scammers but could not find the link to add to this post. I am sure if oyu search for scammers or soap scammers you will find information out there.
A word of warning – if it seems like a really nice,order but something doesn't seem right. Question it. This is your business. Dont get fooled.
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