NOTE: your mould may be different in the kit. This is to give you some guidelines but the basics are the same

Melt & Pour Soap Instructions:
Follow the instructions in the kit for exact measurements and weights.
Microwave Melting:
1. Place an appropriate amount of glycerin soap in a microwave safe container.
2. Place in microwave.
3. Microwave on high until melted - 30 second bursts. Depending upon wattage of microwave, the time needed will vary.
4. No stirring is required to melt.
5. Once melted add your colour and fragrance
6. Pour the soap into the moulds and wait for about 40 minutes or until the soap is cold to the touch.
7. Release the soap from the moulds gently. If the soap does not want to come out then wait a little longer.

Additional information:
1. Allow to cool undisturbed for 30 minutes to several hours. The amount of time it takes for your soap to set up will
depend on the size of the mold and you’re pouring temperature.
2. Evaluate hardness before removing by gently pressing your finger to the surface of the molded soap. The soap is ready to remove from the mold when the soap no longer feels warm and there is no depression with moderate finger pressure.
Release from Mold:
1. Apply gentle but constant pressure with your thumbs on the back/sides of the mold until soap releases.
2. Removal may be aided by placing the molds in the freezer for 5 to 8 minutes.

1. Soap can be re-melted. Save your soap scraps in an air tight bag for use at a later time.
2. If soap is too dry due to prolonged storage or reheating, a small amount of water (2 to 3%) may be added as it is melted.
This will make the soap easier to melt and to pour (we mention this with reservation, since this diminishes the integrity
and moisturizing properties of the soap).
3. A white foam or small bubbles may appear on the back of the soap after pouring. It is due to air which is entrapped and then escapes as the soap cools. Lightly spray with rubbing alcohol and the bubbles and foam will disappear.

 Have fun making your soaps

Fizz Bombs 
INSTRUCTIONS: Do not do this kit if you have cuts on your hands. Wait for them to heal.
*Place the Bicarb into your mixing bowl, using your hands break all the lumps.
*Add a little bit of colour and mix again. If you want a darker colour add more and mix again. Colour will darken when you add the liquids.
*Add the Citric Acid (this is not actually an acid) and fragrance oil, mix thoroughly rubbing your hands together.
* Add the sunflower oil and mix again – really well
*You are looking for the consistency of damp beach sand. Squeeze the mixture together and if it holds to itself then you are ready, if not add a TINY bit of water and mix quickly as the mixture will fizz. Too much water will make your fizzies grow ”warts”
*Scoop your mould into mixture and then level it off with your finger. Press down really hard into the mixture so that it is packed tightly into the mould.
*To release turn the mould over onto a piece of grease proof paper and tap the mould gently with a teaspoon or your finger and it will just pop out. Leave for 24 hours to go hard then package them in the bags given. To use, pop one in the bath and enjoy the fizz.

IMG_0111  IMG_0112
IMG_0117  IMG_0123

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