Monday, 14 March 2011

How to make Soap stamps

Soap stamp 3
Now that you have made soap, see our posts here and here and here, you will probably want to personalise it. 
This is undoubtedly one of the messiest projects I have done. Not sure whether it was just me or if resin is messy to work with.
I have mentioned my fly press and soap stamping here. This week we will make a stamp that will not require a fly press.
You will need:
A block of soap - M&P or Cold Process.
Alphabet letters
A sheet of thin plastic/ cling wrap
Resin mix
Container to mix the risin into
Paper to wrap around your soap
Sticky tape
Soap stamp 1
  1. Take your soap block and place the plastic on top of it. Take the letters you are wanting to use and press them into the soap. Note I did find the M&P too hard to work with so I felt happier working with CP as it was still soft. 
  2. Once you are happy with the result, peel the letters and the plastic off the soap and you will be left with your block of soap like the picture above (left).
  3. Take the soap and wrap a sheet of paper around the soap (above left) and make sure it is secure and tight. This is where the potential for messy starts. I have to discover a way to secure the paper TIGHTLY around the soap. The resin is runny and goes into all the little cracks and gaps...
  4. Take the resin and mix according to the manufacturers instructions. Word to the wise - wear GLOVES when mixing resin. I got it all over my hands and it really sticks.
  5. Once it is totally mixed pour it into your soap surrounded by paper.
  6. Let the resin harden and cool - mine took about 3 minutes to go hard and then 8 minutes to cool down.
  7. One cool hard and cool, remove the paper and pry the resin and soap apart. 
  8. All that is left is to neaten the edges and sand paper any rough bits then test it.
Soap Stamp 2
They are not the prettiest but they do the job.

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