Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thanks and Sorry!

I would like to thank all you lovely people out there who have subscribed to our blog.
Please could bear with us while we try to sort out the Feedburner logo and a couple of other technical things. I am new to Feedburner and as much as I love technology I am a little challenged in that area so it takes me twice as long to figure something out. All the forums out there are GREAT and I would be clueless without them BUT I think the guys who post on them assume you have a few more brain cells than me.
Anyway in the next few days you may receive emails with TEST in the Subject line and other such boring things. For this I am sorry. I have not figured out how to send MYSELF a test only without having everyone also receive it. If someone has any ideas I would be grateful and I am sure all the subscribers will also be.

Thanks for your patience.

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