Monday, 18 July 2011

A tutorial – more fun with Melt and Pour!

Two weeks ago you will have seen my very first blog post featuring a melt and pour tutorial – made from a soap kit
This week I would like to share an experiment with another soap kit – a shimmering, glittering clear moulded soap!
The clear glycerine soap is extremely pretty all on its own, but I decided to add glitter to see how exciting it would look.
Follow the steps below to make soaps like mine...

You will need: 
  • Moulds of 80g each (calculated by filling the mould with water and weighing it before and after)
  • Soap colouring of choice (I used purple)
  • Fragrance of choice (I used Fresh)
  • Clear M and P soap base
  • Silver glitter or mica
  • Jugs, stirrers, scale, spraying alcohol, micro-wave
  • Chop M and P into jug, and melt in 30 second bursts until just liquid
  • Add colour drop by drop and stir until desired tone achieved
  • Add fragrance - guideline 2% of soap weight and stir
  • Pour gently into positioned mould
  • Spritz immediately with alcohol to remove obvious bubbles
  • When cooled (approximately 60 minutes) turn mould upside down and gently press to remove soap - if resisting, leave for a further 10 minutes 
Voila! You have a beautiful glitter, clear M&P soap!

The glitter will sink to the bottom of your soap, which looks great when out of the mould. For more hints, refer to tips in my first tutorial.
For a soap kit like this, and other exciting projects - please contact us.
Would love to hear stories of how you explain the glitter after using this soap!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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