Monday, 8 August 2011

The Joys of living in Africa- telephones

For those of you who saw my first post regarding Living in Africa and then a funny follow up will see the light side of this.
I live on a farm Kwazulu Natal and as much as I loved living in the city I definitely think I have found my home. I really love the farm life but it certainly brings some challenges. Six weeks ago our telephone lines were stolen. This is a fairly common occurrence in Africa as the copper in the lines is worth a lot of money so it is sold for scrap. Most lines in the country have been replaced with fibre optic and it would make sense to replace ours in the same way but the telephone company (Telkom) have decided it is not worth their while to replace the lines as the thieves keep stealing them anyway. It makes no difference to them.
So we have no land lines. Thank goodness for Skype, G talk and all the other ways of keeping in touch.
Should anyone need to contact us at Riverlea Soap we love emails and can be found on Skype as lindagwilson or odiewon.
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