Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Love Affair with the Post Office

We deliver, whatever it takes - even if it is to the wrong person!

You will have seen my posts, here, and here with previous stories of fun with the post office and living in South Africa.
Well I have more on this continuing love affair.
In August we held a competition with a regional magazine, SA Garden. See the post here. The editor of the magazine sent us the names and contact details of all 9 winners and we wrapped, packed and posted their parcels to them. Our postal system has a tracking facility so you can see where the parcel is at all times. Once I was sure all parcels had arrived I stopped tracking them. Imagine my surprise when I got a notification to say there was a parcel at my local Post Office. I love receiving post, especially parcels, but I knew that I had not ordered anything so this dreaded feeling crept into my stomach. I went onto the Post office website to check the tracking number on my slip and it was one of the prizes we had sent out!! AND I had to pay to collect it!!
When I got to the PO to pick up the parcel I had a bigger surprise in store - they had handed my parcel over to someone else. When you collect a parcel you have to hand over your ID book/ number and it is scanned into the system as proof you are the recipient. So how in heavens name did Mrs ABC collect a parcel sent to Miss XYZ. The name is wrong and the addresses is wrong. Did no bells ring out in her head?

Well the manager, Patience, has been a great detective and recovered the parcel. Of course it has been partly used. The teller who handed the parcel to the wrong person will be punished, according to Patience, but what happens to the person who took the parcel knowing it was NOT THEIRS to take? She is being protected by the post office but gets off Scott-free with some of our products. I think some sort of punishment is due to her.

Tell me what you think, I would love to hear your comments.

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