Sunday, 29 April 2012

Faux Funnel Pour– Soap Challenge week 6


I have been wanting to join this challenge since it started but I have been busy with training and then I was away. Amy Warden from Great Cakes soap came up with this GREAT idea to link soapers from all over the world together but to also challenge themselves. Thanks Amy.  I have already tried this method a few times. You can see my attempts here and here and here. I had nearly given up hope that I would ever make a soap with his method that I was happy with. Well I am glad to say I am finally happy. I am not sure what I did differently but I am sure it had a lot to do with my helper – my Dad!

For the recipe and method you can click here.


You can see the premixed colours above – I used Titanium dioxide, Green pigment, blue pigment and pink dayglo pigment. Once the soap mixture had reached light trace I added Grapefruit fragrance oil. This is one fragrance I know does not set up too fast so that is why I used it. We separated the mixture into 4 jugs and mixed in the colours.

Dad and I then started to pour into the mould in alternating colours starting with blue, then white, pink and finally green until all the soap

The final product cut. I am really happy with it.



Riverlea Soap

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