Monday, 7 May 2012

Graduated soap–soap challenge week 7

Graduated Soap-010

I joined Amy Warden’s – Great Cakes soap challenge last week and had loads of fun.

This week I decided to make the graduated soap as per her next challenge. I am really happy with the turn out of this soap and it has certainly challenged me. Not so much in the soaping arena but in the video and photography arena.

As I took a video this time I do not have any still shots of the making of this soap. i used Neroli EO which is my favourite.

You can see the video here

Graduated Soap-025

Riverlea Soap


  1. This soap is so beautiful, and I love the pinks you achieved in the gradation. Great job on it!

  2. Thanks A M this was Daylgo red. I am really happy with it. A friend of mine loves it so much she ordered it as wedding favours.


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