Monday, 2 July 2012

DIY Reusable Liners for Slab Mould by Lovin’ Soap

It’s no secret.  I love my Bramble Berry 9 Bar Slab Mould!  Take a look at most of my recent tutorials and you’ll see the mould in action.  They do have to be lined.  So to make that task a bit simpler I decided to make some reusable plastic liners. 
I went to my local plastic supplier, Allied Plastic Supply, and bought a big stack of lexan (polycarbonate) sheets for 15 bucks.  When looking for Lexan locally check out your local sign shops, sign shop suppliers and plastic suppliers.  It’s a really cheap material and works great for lining moulds.  You can buy it in large sheets if you have a big mould.  If you can’t find Lexan you can also use the thin plastic chopping mats (for cooking!).  Just make sure that whatever you find has a smooth side.  This will be the inside of your mould.  Also make sure that whatever material you choose is thin enough that you can still get your dividers back into the mould when lined.   
Measure your mould and cut out a bottom piece and 4 side pieces. 


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