Monday, 17 December 2012

Making moulds for African Bee Trading. Tutorial Part 1


You may want to see this post about my previous mould making escapades.

Making your own moulds allows you to be flexible and unique in the soaps you make.

You will need:

  • Silicone part A and B from AMT. All you need to know about Silicone.
  • AND Resin from AMT
  • A stirring stick
  • A disposable container to mix in big enough to hold part A and B
  • Clay for moulding
  • Knife
  • A wooden/plastic "box/frame/container" large enough to incorporate the clay base template and the silicone – when you pour it in.
  • Plastic/ Correx board to line the mould if you use a wooden box
  • Glue gun (this is for later in the project)


Mixing and pouring the silicone:

  • Prepare your mould/container, making sure it is on a flat surface and within easy reach to pour the silicone into it.
  • Take your clay and mould it into the shape you are wanting your finished soap to be.

DSCN0004        DSCN0001        DSCN0009

  • Place your clay “template” (right side facing up) into the mould/container
  • Mix your silicone as per the manufacturers instructions
  • Pour into the container over the clay template and leave overnight.

In the morning carefully remove the silicone mould from the plastic container. You will now have a 1 cavity mould.

Next week we will make the resin “templates” to enable you to then make a multi cavity mould.

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