Monday, 11 March 2013

Mantra swirl–trying again


My first 2 attempts. Not very good and I was a little disappointed. The colours also were not contrasting enough, in my opinion

DSCN0015DSCN0001 (4)

Easy to do – divide a juice container with cardboard

DSCN0019 (2)DSCN0018

Correx being held in place with a very sophisticated divider. This was not heavy enough and the soap “slipped” under the dividers



I have tried this technique a few times and battled with only 2 hands. I like a challenge so I decided to try and make it easier for myself. The tools I came up with were really quite simple: a cheap plastic chopping board and something called Correx. (not sure what it is called in the rest of the world, but it is used for printing advertising posters cheaply)

Next week I will show you how easy this is. Maybe someone with a better colour sense that me can help me pick contrasting colours that actually look good and work together. I think I try to pick tones that are too close to each other.

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Riverlea soap




  1. Maybe when you use black and white? Or red and White, or blue and white or blue and pink :)

  2. I think I know why you're having trouble. When I created this swirl and made up the tutorial, there is one critical step that 99% of soapers are missing :/


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