Monday, 29 April 2013

Leopard Spots - Soap challenge week 4

Leopard spots

This is so sad - the last challenge with Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks.and the rest of the world who joined in.

This was fun to do but I must say I had a few things test me.

  • Make sure you plan your project from colour to pouring to cutting BEFORE you start. I did my stripes the wrong way so had to cut my soap differently to make sure I had spots in the soap.
  • Make sure your piping soap is thick enough. Mine was too runny and I made a BIG mess. I had a great fragrance Cassanova that allowed me a long time to work.
  • Have fun with your colours. I was a little conservative using Brown pigment and Titanium Di Oxide

See the video on Youtube here.

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Riverlea Soap


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