Monday, 29 April 2013

Leopard Spots - Soap challenge week 4

Leopard spots

This is so sad - the last challenge with Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks.and the rest of the world who joined in.

This was fun to do but I must say I had a few things test me.

  • Make sure you plan your project from colour to pouring to cutting BEFORE you start. I did my stripes the wrong way so had to cut my soap differently to make sure I had spots in the soap.
  • Make sure your piping soap is thick enough. Mine was too runny and I made a BIG mess. I had a great fragrance Cassanova that allowed me a long time to work.
  • Have fun with your colours. I was a little conservative using Brown pigment and Titanium Di Oxide

See the video on Youtube here.

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Riverlea Soap



  1. Well you sure have nailed the colors! Perfect colored spots. The bottom row looks like little mountain ranges. Good save on the cut Odie!

  2. Good thing you caught it before you cut!! Looks great, Odie!! Thank you for participating in the challenges!


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