Monday, 8 April 2013

Pumpkin festival - What fun

Yesterday was the annual pumpkin festival in our area and as you can see there were a lot of fun entries. Mine is the tiny one on top of the VERY large one. I cheated a bit because mine is actually a SOAP. But hey they didn't specify that it had to be edible!

pumpkin market 027.R. JPG

See here how I made the soap:

I decided to make a a mould for my pumpkin soap as I did not have time to search for one. I used a plastic pumpkin that I had bought last year for a photo prop. I am glad it came in handy again.

I used a different product to make my mould this time. It is something called Flexy Fast moulding putty and you can buy it from Bramble berry. I have to say it is not the easiest stuff to work with and OMG is it sticky. I think I read somewhere that I should not use silicone gloves. So with this in mind I used silicone gloves. What a mess.

DSCN0001 (2)DSCN0001 (3)DSCN0002 (3)

The cute little pumpkin that I based my mould on. Mixing part A and part B

DSCN0003 (2)DSCN0006 (2)DSCN0008 (2)

Mixing and mixing then realising it was really sticking to the gloves.

DSCN0009 (2)DSCN0010 (2)DSCN0011 (2)

No way was I going to waste it so I took an old knife and scraped it all off the gloves.

DSCN0014 (2)DSCN0015 (2)DSCN0016 (2)

The knife worked so well I decided to use it to mix with, so I scraped it all onto a piece of brown paper and mixed away. Much easier.

DSCN0017 (2)DSCN0020 (2)DSCN0021 (2)

I then used the knife to spread it onto the plastic pumpkin and then I moulded it so it was evenly distributed.

DSCN0001 (7)DSCN0022 (2)DSCN0023 (2)

I left a hole at the top - which would be the bottom of the pumpkin when made up.


I have to say this was fun but pretty messy. I am sure I probably did something wrong - hence the mess. But all's well that ends well.

You can also see my other mould making escapades here, here and here. There are also some textured moulds here 

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  1. What a job! Hey you now have darling pumpkin mold. I prefer the method you used in the first link. I've done both but the marine silicone is my favorite for me more accurate a mold is the finished product.

  2. What an adorable little pumpkin soap! I thought it was the real thing. =)


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