Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wedding favours for Sharlene

Sharlene Stanton Favours-005

I was approached by a lady at the iHeart market last year who said she wanted to give her guest soaps at their wedding.

We spent many hours deciding on fragrance and a design and she finally came up with this. Column Swirl using

Sharlene Stanton Favours

You can see the YouTube video here

# Riverlea Soap

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine hearts - a tutorial

I have been so busy recently that my little blog has been neglected. Sorry to all of you who follow me. I will try to make it up to you with a fun Valentine tutorial.

Valentine 2014-015

Hearts Recipe:

300g  Olive Oil

500g Coconut Oil

200g Palm Oil

8g Beeswax

149g Lye

373g Water

1-2 teaspoons Burgundy oxide

Flexible Silicone heart mould

Layer One and Two Recipe (pink and white)

300g  Olive Oil

500g Coconut Oil

200g Palm Oil

8g Beeswax

149g Lye

373g Water

40g Jasmine fragrance

2 teaspoons Pink Oxide

2 teaspoons Titanium Di Oxide

This recipe fit into our Blue Silicone Log Mould with some soap mix to spare so have another mould ready for the extra. We made a whole lot of hearts.

Remember to take precautions when making cold process soap as you can burn yourself. We have an easy way of remembering your safety gear - the 3 G's Garment(apron), goggles and gloves. Never make CP soap without these. The one time you think it will be okay - it wont.

1. Make up your first batch of soap for the hearts adding your colour to the oils before you add the lye.

2. Pour the soap batter into the heart shaped moulds and leave overnight

3. In the morning remove the hearts and cut them into even slices. I made mine 2cm thick

Burgundy soap mix  Heart silicone Valentine 2014-026a

4. Put the hearts aside but close enough to reach when you need them

5. Premix your Titanium Di Oxide and Pink Ultra marine in a little bit of water. I used my mini mixer to make sure they were mixed well. Put those aside for later

6. Make up your next batch of soap as per the recipe for layer one and two get it to just emulsified.

7. Pour 2 cups of soap mix into a jug and add your Pink Ultra Marine that you mixed earlier, stir well to incorporate the entire colour.

8. Take approximately 7 g of your fragrance and add to the soap mix. Stir well and our into your mould

9. Let that sit while you add the Titanium Di Oxide to the rest of the left over soap mix. Stir well and then add the rest of your fragrance.

10. Now comes the hard part, very carefully spoon the white soap mix onto the pink layer, trying not to disturb it. Once you have poured soap to about 1cm below the mould top take your hearts and set them into the soap with a gap in between


Valentine 2014-043   Valentine 2014-037

We made another batch of soap with the hearts made from the left over soap in the first batch

I couldn't take photos while I was making the soap but you can see the YouTube video here. Hope you enjoy it.


#Riverlea Soap

Monday, 3 February 2014

How to use the easiest mould

My last post was about making a very easy mould. This week I will show you that it was not only easy to make but also very easy to use.

Easy Wooden mould-010

Take all the pieces and wrap them in plastic, taping them at the back. Once you have done that assemble the mould and there you have it - ready to use.

In this very short video you can see all the pieces of wood wrapped in plastic. To unmould the soap you simply slide each piece of wood off the soap block.

Using the easy mould

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