Friday, 16 October 2015

Soaps in Tins - Finished

Soap in Tin CrystalSoap in Tin LargeSoap in Tin RoundSoap in Tin Square

I finally made the soap for the tins. I am quite please with the results. They are all different MP soaps

#Riverlea soap 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Custom Soap For Style Engine

A client of mine, Kim Clark, approached me and asked if I could make her some customer soaps. Kim is brimming with ideas and is so creative. She came up with the colours and fragrances and I did the rest.

Anon VerbenaAnon NeroliAnon RoseAnon Vanilla

#Riverlea Soap

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Making Laundry Soap A tutorial

What to do with lye-heavy soap

Laundry Soap (4)

It is not often that I have a batch that goes wrong. When it does I am usually chasing my tail and am really busy making too many batches at once. This was the case with this batch of soap. It was supposed to be Verbena and I have made it many times before so I knew the minute I took it out the mould that something was wrong.

I just knew it was lye heavy. When I sat down to think what went wrong I remembered using the wrong lye mix. Oh well I did not toss the soap, I decided to make Laundry soap. I have wanted to do this for such a long time so this was the perfect opportunity. Laundry soap is a great way to use up a soap that you may have normally thrown away. Remember your soap does not have to be lye heavy to make laundry soap it is just a great way to use it rather than throw it away.

Blog You will need

1 Cup Sodium Bicarbonate

½ Cup Washing Soda (see how to make it here)

1 Cup Shredded/ grated soap (wear gloves if the soap is lye heavy)P1300151P1300162Laundry Soap (3)


Blog How to1

This is the easy part  - Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Laundry Soap (4)#Riverlea Soap 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Team Building with Grindrod

A few weeks ago we were invited to do a team building workshop with Grindrod.


We had a stunning setting at Audacia Manor. It was a balmy night but maybe a little windy so we had some fun chasing runaway papers. IMG_0103

Katie did an amazing job setting up all the tables with instructions and ingredients. The ladies were divided into teams to make their fizz bombs and to make it more challenging they also had to work simultaneously in another group to make their rainbow cakes. They did an amazing job and came up with some beautiful creations. 



They created stunning fizz bombs with bright colours and botanicals.


Mixing the melt and pour clear soap base with colours and fragrances for the rainbow cakes. Each team had to decide which colours they wanted in their cakes and which order they wanted to pour them in.


Spritzing the layers with IPA in between each layer.


Pouring the next layer or Clear soap base.

Rainbow MP Cake

The finished rainbow cake - beautiful


After they had had a taste of how to work with Melt and pour soup we set them a challenge to make a fun embed soaps. I gave them some samples which you can see here and here. The objective was not to copy our examples but to use them as ideas and make their own. The first one was a fun one and the second soap was a competition where they had to make an embed soap that best depicted their company, which is a shipping/ transport company.


I was blown away at how creative these ladies are.




The winners of the competition each received a fizz bomb kit  and all ladies walked away with a M&P Soap making kit. Sadly it got too dark and we did not get pictures of the completed soaps but I know the ladies had an awesome time as did Katie and I.

#Riverlea Soap

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