Monday, 26 January 2015

Jerome (Jian) makes soap

Jian (3)  Jian (6)

My husband recently had a colleague (Jerome/ Jian) from China visit us and he mentioned that making soap might be fun. We put on our soap making kit and got to work.

Jian (5)  Jian (9)Jian (1)  Jian (4)

I am sure Jian will be happy to hear that his soaps sold out VERY quickly

We used Green Oxide, Pink Dayglo, Titanium di oxide, and Violet Ultra Marine. We used the Drop Swirl technique. 

#Riverlea Soap


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Butterfly Swirl - Soap Challenge video tutorial

I have wanted to try  this technique for a VERY long time but Christmas time was a busy period so I did not have any time to play.
I then saw that Amy Warden from Great Cakes Soapworks was offering it as the January Soap club challenge so naturally I signed up.
I used coloured Micas from Kolortek that I purchased in December.
Butterfly swirl 130115-008  Butterfly swirl 130115-009 Butterfly swirl 130115-002  Butterfly swirl 130115-004
Butterfly swirl first attempt

This is the soap cut. I was quite happy with it but had to give it another try.
Butterfly challenge (8)Butterfly challenge (2)Butterfly challenge (10)
I quite like this attempt.
How to create the butterfly swirl
You can see the video above or got to YouTube.

#Riverlea Soap

Monday, 12 January 2015

Faux Funnel embedded soaps

I really did not have any expectations for this soap. So I  was pleasantly surprised when I cut it and saw how pretty they were.

CP Insets-005

My camera battery went flat as I was making the soap so I haven't got all the pictures to show you how I made it but you basically do a faux funnel pour into cupcake moulds and, let them sit overnight, then embed the soap rounds into a log mould.

CP Insets-002CP Insets-004CP Insets-014CP Insets-022

#Riverlea Soap


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