Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Sunny Day - M&P embeds a tutorial

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It has taken me many years to become comfortable working with Melt and Pour clear soap base. I am s stickler for a clear soap with no bubbles so when I couldn't get it right I just gave up, for a while anyway. Then I decide it can't be that hard and tried again. Now it is like second nature. You can see an earlier attempt at this technique here. I am using this technique and a few others in a team building exercise with Grindrod this week. I think they should have a lot of fun.

You will need:
Clear soap base 
Green oxide 
Titanium di oxide 
Blue mica 
Flash Gold Mica 
Fragrance oil 
Any small mould you want to use
Cookie cutters or a craft knife to cut our your shapes
Microwave jugs

How to:
Melt some clear soap base, enough to create your grass, clouds and sun.
Separate the soap into smaller containers and mix your colours
Green oxide with Titanium Di oxide for the grass
Titanium di oxide for the clouds
Flash Gold mica for the sun
Pour a thin layer of each colour into your moulds, or just onto a marble counter top. These will be used to cut out your embeds.

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When the soap is hard enough cut out your grass

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Cut out your sun

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Cut out your clouds

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Once all your pieces are cut out place them in your mould to see that they will fit comfortable
Remove the pieces and place them face up
Now make sure you have melted more clear soap base ready for the next step
Spray all your soap embeds with IPA 
Pour a small layer of clear soap into your mould and quickly place your embeds FACE DOWN into the soap and spritz with IPA 

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Now take the rest of the clear melted soap add desired amount of fragrance and add your blue mica and titanium di oxide and stir well
Feel your clear layer of soap with the embeds to make sure it is hard enough to take the blue layer you are about to pour and spritz it with IPA if it is
Pour the blue layer carefully over the embeds
Spritz with IPA and walk away and have a cup of tea

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Wait for about 40 minutes or until the soap is cold to the touch
To release from the mould break the airlock by squeezing the corners together gently. you can see above the airlock has been broken
If the soap does not pop out easily then leave it for a while longer

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Monday, 6 July 2015

International sponsorship with Great Cakes Soapworks


I am very pleased to announce that Riverlea Soap will be the International sponsor for Great Cakes Soapworks July contest. Amy has graciously allowed me to supply gift vouchers for the winner, second and third place plus the sponsors choice. Thanks so much Amy.

I am so excited to see what lovely entries you all create.

Have fun.

#Riverlea Soap

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